Sense Innovative Concepts Ltd is a part of Sense Group, which owns businesses and activities in Israel and abroad. The company was founded about ten years ago with the goal of serving as a base for companies, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who are interested to establish or develop business activities in Israel and around the world.

The company’s top priority is its personal commitment to the business success of its customers and the improvement of the companies and businesses they own.

Areas of activity of the Sense Innovative Concepts Ltd company:

  • Management of companies, entrepreneurships, and projects in Israel and across the world from the initial idea stage through commercialization
  • Financial and real investments, under which investment banking services are offered as well
  • Identify and accompany international ventures in a variety of business fields, including in third-world countries
  • Business and organizational development and consulting for the recovery and improvement of companies by expanding the scope of activity and profitability over time

Investment Banking

The company deals with the initiation and support of acquisitions and/or capital investments in companies and ventures in the fields of technology, health, finance, and industry. Thanks to the group’s network of connections, expertise and activities, projects funding and transactions supported by the company achieve great success over time.


The available services include:

  • A comprehensive valuation of activities, while analyzing all aspects of the transactions and pointing out future scenarios
  • Strategic analysis and tracing relevant investment and/or purchasing entities
  • Determining an action plan for raising strategic investor's funds.
  • Connecting discretely with potential investment and purchasing entities
  • Preparing a roadmap for investment and/or acquisition, and supporting the transaction until its completion
  • Carrying out due diligence

Representation of International Funds and Investment Entities

The State of Israel is unique in the world with regards entrepreneurship, innovation, and groundbreaking technology.

International organizations interested in locating and harnessing the unique abilities existing in Israel for their own benefit are invited to contact the company and receive a complete and comprehensive service that includes:

  • Locating and tracing companies and/or financial activities that are offered for sale or searching for partners
  • Work with investors  and industrial entities interested in synergic activity or in capital investment
  • Searching for potential investments in areas of interest to the investors
  • Examination and analysis of a potential company estimating the transaction attractiveness and probability for success
  • Maintaining confidentiality with regards to the party interested in the investment during the background checks until negotiations begins in accordance with the parties’ wishes

Initiating activities in Developing Countries

The group has vast experience in creating ventures that link the place of need, the key entities in the various countries, and the entrepreneur interested in entering these developing countries. The services offered by the group are: identify business opportunities in the various developing countries, form a group of financial and strategic partners, as well as creating connections with local businessmen and government for promoting business activities.

Businessmen and companies interested in expanding the scope of their activity and penetrate the developing countries are invited take advantage of the experience and extensive network of connections in these countries to ensure the establishment of businesses in accordance with the set goals.

Ventures and Companies Management

Sense Innovative Concepts Ltd offers a unique servies for managemeningcompanies and ventures, which includes a complete CEO-level management and responsibility in all area of activities:

  • Finance – cash flow management and financial statements
  • Operations – building a supply chain that will support a low cost, high-quality, and fast production suited to a variable pace of production and installation in accordance with the clients’ requirements
  • Leading the R&D and Engineering departments – while introducing updated working  process

  • SDR, PDR, DDR – Mandatory for international clients!! As well as leading organizations in Israel
  • Human Resources – turning the company’s employees into a professional, cohesive and goal-oriented working team, while establishing effective relationships with subcontractors, emphasizing knowledge preservation and development in the company
  • Marketing and sales – the central activity, which includes a comprehensive field work for introducing the product to companies in Israel and abroad, after developing a detailed marketing plan backed by the product’s and company’s strengths
  • Strategic business development – formulating a plan for recruitment of business partners in Israel and abroad, followed by the appointment of appropriate representatives in key countries

Business Development and Consulting

Sense Innovative Concepts Ltd together with key people in the organization lead the process of constructing and implementing a strategic action plan. The process goal is to bring about the organization’s growth, increasing the scope of its activity, profitability, and market value. The strategic action plan includes all aspects of R&D, operations (the supply chain), marketing and sales, business development, finance, HR, and organizational culture.

Constructing a business strategy including the areas of activity and target markets to focus. Defining growth engines and relative advantages while formulating policy regarding mergers and acquisitions.

Determining the differentiating marketing elements based on the organization’s abilities. Formulating principles for achieving market differentiation. Planning and supporting companies by forming market penetration strategies into new international markets. Prioritization of markets and defining the product/service portfolio and market distribution principles. In addition, developing sales and service principles of the organization in order to maximize the organization’s sales potential.

Supply Chain 
Complete construction and optimization of the logistics supply chain, starting from outlining a strategy through its implementation, with the goal of maximizing outputs at minimum costs. Furthermore, implement tools and methodologies for improving the quality of products and services provided, with the goal of achieving comparative advantage.

Research and Development 
Optimization of R&D processes, with the goal of shortening the time to market in order to achieve competitive advantage.

Streamlining Work Processes
Planning and constructing work processes in the field of project management, establishing PMO, implementing project management tools, and outsourcing project management services.

Finance and Investments

Finance markets across the world bring tremendous opportunities alongside significant risks. The Sense group specializes in developing sophisticated investment strategies that attempt to cope with market risks and extreme market situations.
Traders with proven investment capabilities and innovative investment approaches are 

invited to contact us and promote cooperation with the group.
the group provides a comprehensive envelope to traders, including a computerized trading strategy and the allocation of institutional funds from Israel and abroad and even managing a hedge fund.